[Extension] Keyword AMALYZER: What do the levels mean?


When using the keyword AMALYZER in the browser extension, you can set the levels, among other things. In this article we explain what the levels are.

In the following screenshot we searched for the exact word camera in the second level of the AMALYZER:


Our search starts in level zero with the entry in the keyword field. In an exact search, the next character after or another character before the entered keyword does not count as another level because it is a space.

Only the next character after the space starts the next word, number or other term in the suggestions. So this would already be level 2.

The deeper you select the search level, the more results are (usually) found and the corresponding keyword details can be longer but also more exact or more specific. 

If we are looking for a camera, Amazon offers e.g. in the suggests immediately a camera case (word component) but also already a camera tripod (Exact).

Down to the fifth level you might find terms like usb camera endoscope with led or wansview wlan ip camera 1080p hd.

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