[Amazon] Error message during MWS linking: Not permitted user rights

It may happen that you cannot link the Seller account in Shield and you get an error message on Amazon that your user account do not have the permissions to link the seller account with Shield.

You will only get this message if your access to Seller Central does not allow you to link the account with tools via the MWS interface.

An account needs the FULL ACCESS for a Seller account to be able to perform the linking.

AMALYZE can't do anything about this, but we will be happy to tell you how you can fix this problem. However, you will need to contact the main user of the Seller account, who is the only one who can assign permissions:

1.) In Seller Central under Settings > User Permissions

2.) There the main user must now select the appropriate user and activate full rights.

(Only a user (in SellerCentral), who has full rights of the account, can grant the activation for MWS)

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