[Shield 1] What does the column "Impressions" in the ASIN reverse lookup mean?

The column "Impressions" tells you how often a certain product (ASIN) is faded in for the respective keyword within the search results.

The value "Impressions" is thus composed of the cumulated search volume (depending on the position of the ASIN within the respective search results). In concrete terms, this means that the superimpositions of the respective ASINs within the search results are added together, depending on their respective position.


I now query a single ASIN in the ASIN reverse lookup and look at the keyword "game system" and the value of the "impressions" (1,485).

(See screenshot below):


If I now take another ASIN in the asin reverse lookup (a competitor), I find that both of the ASINs in the query rank towards the keyword "game system" on amazon.com.

Since both ASINs rank to the keyword, the value of the "insertions" for this keyword also changes accordingly, i.e. the value increases in this case (2,916), because both together now receive 2,916 impressions.

However, taking into account the ranking positions of both ASINs for the keyword, I notice that one of the two ASINs already ranks on position 5 and the other on position 31 for the keyword "game system".

(See screenshot below):


With the values in the impressions column, you can quickly evaluate how many insertions the examined ASINs receive together, i.e. cumulated to the respective keyword (statistically).


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