[Shield 1] How to check whether the portfolio is static or dynamic.

If you want to check afterwards whether one of your existing Shield portfolios is a static or dynamic portfolio - you will find instructions in this article.

1. In Shield under https://shield.amalyze.com/ Analyses & Portfolios > Portfolios.

(See screenshot below):


2. Now click on - Add filter - to be able to query the portfolio concerned in the data table with one of the available filters.

(See screenshot below):


(In diesem Beispiel Filter - Status: aktiv).

(See screenshot below):


3. With a click on the three action points - on the very left of the data record, a
drop-down menu with the option - Edit Recipients.

If you click on this - the further information of the portfolio will appear, with under the information - whether it is a static or dynamic portfolio. 


(See screenshot below):


The following slider indicates this

Static Portfolio

(See screenshot below):


 Dynamic portfolio.

(See screenshot below):



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