[Shield 1] How can I create a coupon in Shield?

If you would like to find out how you can create a coupon in our Shield Affiliate Module with simple steps, you can read more in this article.

1. In Shield https://shield.amalyze.com/ Affiliate > Earn money.

(See screenshot below):


2. You will now reach the following menu item - in which, among other things, further relevant information on the topic of AMALYZE Coupon creation will appear.

We ask you to read the information provided here again carefully.

As soon as you have done this - you only have to click on one of the two orange buttons 
(create coupon) click on it.

(See screenshot below):


A small window will appear again - in which you will be asked to confirm the AMALYZE terms and conditions.

(Again, we ask you to read them carefully)

Just click on APPLY and that's it.

(See screenshot below):


The following confirmation is displayed in the upper right corner of Shield.

(See screenshot below):


Your AMALYZE coupons are automatically generated and are available to you under this menu item at the same time:

(See screenshot below):


For more information about our AMALYZE Affiliate Program, please follow the link below:


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