[Shield 1] How can I view the search volume trends in Shield?

If you would like to view our AMALYZE Pulse (Trends) to evaluate the search volume  of specific keywords in Shield - you can simply proceed as follows:

1. In Shield https://shield.amalyze.com/  under Pulse > Trends.

(See screenshot below):


2. Now the desired marketplace can be selected and applied in the marketplace filter. 

(See screenshot below):


3. With a click on Add filter - the filter - Keyword - appears, which can now also be clicked.

(See screenshot below):


4. In the filter - Keyword - a keyword can now be inserted in the field - if it is a keyword queried by AMALYZE - the respective suggestion already appears. 

(See screenshot below):


5. After clicking on the suggestion - or after the keywords to be checked are in the filter
(highlighted in orange) - you can easily apply the filter.

(See screenshot below):


6. The respective AMALYZE search volume trends - of the queried keywords, related to the period under consideration (see date configuration top right)

(See screenshot below):


Please note:

So-called wildcards can also be played out - in order to be able to evaluate the further search phrases both to the left and right of the keyword checked - with regard to trends.

To do this, simply add the following symbol (*) to the left, right or on both sides of the keyword being checked.

Click on Apply filter again.

(See screenshot below):


Here you will see our desired playout - in which both the search phrases to the left of the keyword (*toilet paper) are considered. 

And the search phrases left and right of the keyword (*toilet*) are evaluated.


Additional keywords: trends, volatility, TRENDS, trends, what is, what means, search volume.


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