[Shield 1] How can I choose an AMALYZE Shield plan?

If you would like to select and book an AMALYZE Shield Plan directly through the system, you will find instructions in this article.

1. In Shield https://shield.amalyze.com/ under UGRADE PLAN

(See screenshot below):


2. In the next step we go to the section - Billing - of your AMALYZE account.

Here we can see the available Plan including conditions as well as access to the individual modules etc.

Just click on Select Plan

(See screenshot below):


3. Another window appears - in which the amount to be paid and further details of the respective Plan can be viewed.

The deposited VAT- is first checked in real time for its - validity.

After carefully and conscientiously reading the information mentioned here (amount etc.) - I still have to confirm the AMALYZE terms and conditions by clicking on the box (check mark) below and click on - Select Plan -.

(See screenshot below):


4. Here you can see (highlighted in green) - which of the available Plans, your current one is.

(See screenshot below):



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