How can I subscribe to an AMALYZE Merchant Analytics in Shield?

If you would like to learn how to subscribe to Shield - AMALYZE Merchant Analytics, you will find instructions in this article.

1. In Shield under AnalyticsMerchants.

(See screenshot below):


2. Now, numerous Merchant Analytics appear in the data table.

Here you will find instructions for the topic:
How do I search (filter) in Shield for a specific Merchant Analytics?

As soon as I have found the desired Seller Analysis using one of the available filters, I just have to click on the icon to the very left of the analysis (three action points).

In the drop-down menu, click on - Subscribe -.

(See screenshot below):


3. Another window appears, in which you are asked - if you really want to subscribe to this Analytics (Portfolio).

(See screenshot below):


4. After you have clicked on Subscribe - it may take a few seconds, then the confirmation (in green) should already appear in the upper right corner.

(See screenshot below):


You can find further information on this topic at:


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