[Shield 1] How can I search for products in sub categories in Shield?

If you would like to search for products in very specific amazon sub-categories within the Shield research module - you will find instructions in this article.

1. in Shield https://shield.amalyze.com/ under Research > Products.

(See Screenshot below):


2. Now the desired marketplace must be selected in the marketplace filter.

In the next step, click on Add Filter to be able to select the filter - subcategories - in the
drop-down menu that appears.

(See Screenshot below):


3. After clicking on the filter - subcategory - the following window appears, in which you can place a text.

Just insert the name of the respective amazon subcategory and the corresponding suggestion will appear.

(See Screenshot below):


4. As soon as the suggest of the respective sub category is clicked - it will be highlighted in orange in the filter

(See Screenshot below):


5. In order to now query the products discovered by AMALYZE - from the respective amazon
sub category - simply click on APPLY FILTER in the filter itself.

(You may also use the Play button in the upper right corner).

(See Screenshot below):


In the data table, first of all the column of the respective main categories is displayed - in which the products played in Shield are located.

However, if you want to check again whether these products are actually in the sub category you requested - you can simply click on the pencil symbol on the right above the data table.

Here you can see the so-called browsenode ID of the respective sub category, which you have queried in Shield!

(See Screenshot below):


Now you can compare the browsenode ID from Shield - very easily with the one on amazon - by opening the bestsellers of the respective sub category on amazon and checking the browsenode ID at the following position in the URL line.

(See Screenshot below):



Please note:

If you would now like to find out - how you can create a so-called Dynamic Portfolio from these products, in this context even competitive environment - you will find instructions under the following link: How do I create a dynamic portfolio in Shield?


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