[Shield 1] How do I stop the regular emails of the Brand Analytics?

If an AMALYZE Brand Analytics in Shield was successfully subscribed, the respective user (subscriber) will be directly and automatically set as the recipient of the e-mail (PDF file of the respective Brand Analytics)!

To deactivate a Recipient of the email of a Brand Analytics (PDF file), you now have the following option.


1. In Shield https://shield.amalyze.com/ under AnalyticsBrands.

(See screenshot below):


2. Now click on Add Filter and select the Subscribed Filter.

(See screenshot below):


3. Now set the Subscribed Filter to true (check the box) and click on APPLY FILTER

(See screenshot below):


4. By clicking on the three action points (symbol on the far left of the analysis concerned)
a drop-down menu opens in which, among other things, the option "Edit recipient" appears.

(See screenshot below):


5. you can now also set the slider for the affected users to on or off.

(See screenshot below):



Additional keywords: unsubscribe, cancel, analysis, brands, email, report, pdf, report, mails.

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