[Shield 1] How can I view the SERP volatility in Shield?

To view our AMALYZE Pulse (Volatility) - here's how you can easily do it:

1. In Shield https://shield.amalyze.com/ under Pulse > Volatility.

(See screenshot below):


2. Now I can select one of the available marketplaces - on which I want to check the
volatility-changes measured by AMALYZE.

Afterwards, a main category can be selected.

(See screenshot below):


Please note:

The date setting can of course be used from under this menu item!

(The so far by AMALYZE measured data in this context - go back to March 2019 backdated).

(See screenshot below):



If you want to learn how to add this and other charts to your Shield Dashboard, just click on the following link: How can I add a chart (widget) to my dashboard?

You can find further information with the following link:


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