[AMALYZE] What is AMALYZE Pulse - volatility?

If you would like to know what is meant by our Shield Module Pulse (Volatility) - this article will tell you more.

With AMALYZE Pulse - we consider aspects such as tests or changes of the
A9 search algorithm and record the average changes for all main categories on a daily basis.

On the basis of this measurement, a - "volatility index" - is created, which indicates how much the search results were subject to fluctuations within the respective main categories.
Deviations from this normal volatility indicate testing or permanent changes in the Amazon search algorithm.

With the help of our Shield Module Pulse (Volatility) - you can keep the main categories relevant for you or your products, always on the radar.


If you now want to know - how you can view the Pulse volatility chart in Shield, you'll find an instruction with the following link: How can I view the SERP volatility in Shield?

You can find further information with the following link:


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