[Shield 1] AMASCORE (short AS) history tracking an single ASIN (product) in Shield

If you would like to learn more about our own AMALYZE visibility index - you can find more information by clicking on the following link What is the AMASCORE (short AS)?

If you would like to evaluate and analyze the AMASCORE (AS) of a single ASIN (product) in Shield, you will find instructions here! 

The ASIN (product) must first be queried in the Shield product search.

1. Insert the ASIN in the field: Value and apply the filter in the next step.

(See screenshot below):


Now the queried ASIN (product) has been found.

2. Click on the ASIN (product) using the values in the columns ASIN and title (linked in blue)

(See screenshot below):


3. In the vertical menu on the left - now click on the AMASCORE menu item

(See screenshot below):


Now the respective chart for the AMASCORE of this ASIN (product) is displayed accordingly.

Both the date configuration and the display (day / week / month / quarter or year) can be adjusted accordingly.

(See screenshot below):


Finally, the data table under this function point displays the respective AMASCORE measured values including date!

Please note:

If you would like to learn how to add this and other charts to your Shield Dashboard, simply click on the following link: How can I add a chart (widget) to my dashboard?


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