[Shield 1] How can I see the competitors of an ASIN (product) in Shield?

Within the framework of the research module we've already discovered several billions of different amazon products. A list of those products can be found here: 
Number of products (ASINs) in the research module

Within the framework of our Shield research module, we display, among other things, those Amazon products that compete or compete with each other within the Top 100 search results for the same keywords. 

If you would like to find out how you can query the Top 100 competitor products of an ASIN (product) in Shield - you will find instructions here:

The ASIN (product) must first be queried in the Shield product search.

1. insert the ASIN in the field: Value and apply the filter in the next step.

(See screenshot below):


Now the queried ASIN (product) has been found.

2. Click on the ASIN (product) using the values in the columns ASIN and title (linked in blue).

(See screenshot below):


3. In the vertical menu on the left - now click on the menu item Competitors.

(See screenshot below):


4. Now a data table appears with the Top 100 competitor ASINs (products) - the ASIN previously queried - on the basis of the numerous KPIs shown here I can already perform initial analyses in this view.

(See screenshot below):


With the help of the additional Shield functions in the ActionBar above the data table - I can now easily make further analyses, comparisons etc. with these competitors ASINs (products) by making use of the ASIN Reverse lookup - for example.

To do this, I simply have to select the desired or affected products using the checkboxes (far left) of the data set.

(See screenshot below):



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