[Shield 1] Analyze and track the (Ø) Keyword distribution of an single ASIN (product) in Shield

Within the framework of the research module we regularly query several million keywords and their search results. A list of the currently queried keywords can be found here:
Number of keywords in the research module

If you want to check with Shield how the keywords - for which an ASIN (product) ranks within the
Top 100 search results - are distributed on average on individual positions and result pages, then you will find instructions in this article.

The ASIN (product) must first be queried in the Shield Product Research.

(See screenshot below):


Now the queried ASIN (product) has been found.

2. Click on the ASIN (product) using the values in the columns ASIN and title (linked in blue).

(See screenshot below):


3. In the vertical menu on the left - now click on the menu item Keywords.

(See screenshot below):


Now the chart - for the distribution of the keywords for which the ASIN (product) ranks - is displayed accordingly - and this on average per position

(See screenshot below):


With one click on the blue tab - Page - I can see the distribution of those Keywords, on average per result page!With one click on the blue tab - page - I can see the distribution of those keywords, on average per result page!

(See screenshot below):



If you want to learn how to add this and other charts to your Shield Dashboard, just click on the following link: How can I add a chart (widget) to my dashboard?


Additional keywords: How can I, Keywords, Keyword, distribution, Widget, Charts.


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