[Shield 1] How can I see the changes in product reviews and ratings?

If you would like to analyse how the ratings or reviews of a product (ASIN) have developed within the framework of the Shield research module - you have the following possibility:


1.) You make a concrete query in the Shield product research

(See screenshot below):


2.) Now select one of the affected products (ASINs) and click on the ASIN or the respective title (both values are linked in blue).

(See screenshot below):


3.) In the view (Detailpage) of the product (ASIN) I go now under menu item - Reviews - !

(See screenshot below):



The time period under consideration - I can define it using the date setting in the upper right corner.

Here I can now analyze the changes detected by AMALYZE regarding product reviews themselves as well as the respective star ratings!

If you want to learn how to add this and other charts to your Shield Dashboard, just click on the following link: How can I add a chart (widget) to my dashboard?


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