[Shield 1] How can I tag multiple ASINs (products) in Shield?

If you want to tag several ASINs (products) at the same time in Shield, in order to give these ASINs (products), for example, an additional property, you can easily do this with the following step:

1. in Shield https://shield.amalyze.com/ under Research > Products, select the desired or affected products - using the checkboxes to the far left of the data record

(See screenshot below):


2. In the ActionBar (at the top) click on the function Tags and a drop-down menu will open with the option: "Assign new tags".

(See screenshot below):


3. The desired product tags can now be named as desired, simply type in the field, the respective text, the numbers etc.

(See screenshot below):


4. With a click on the already named tag, another window opens with the color selection of the tag (Color-Picker).

5. Just click on the OK button and then click on Apply

(See screenshot below):


6. Now the following appears in the upper right corner of Shield.

(See screenshot below):


7. The ASINs (products), now have an additional entity (defined by the user), thanks to the unique product tags.

(See screenshot below):


Please note:

The tagged ASINs (products) - can be retrieved at any time using the filter called Tags - in the Shield product search!

1. Select the filter Tags > insert the specific name of the tag into the value line.

2. Click on APPLY FILTER

(See screenshot below):


3. Now the tagged products are played out to me in the data table.

(See screenshot below):



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