[Shield 1] BSR (Sales Rank) history tracking of a single ASIN (product) in Shield

We only request the BSR values of ASINs (products) in the respective Amazon main, - subcategories under certain conditions. Which these are, you can find out under the following link: Why is the amazon BSR of an ASIN (product) missing?

If you would like to evaluate and analyze the BSR (Bestseller Rank) of a single ASIN (product) in Shield, you will find instructions here!

The ASIN (product), must first be queried in the Shield product search.

1. insert the ASIN in the field: Value and apply the filter in the next step.

(See screenshot below):


Now the queried ASIN (product) has been found.

2. click on the ASIN (product) using the values in the columns ASIN and title (linked in blue)

(See screenshot below):


3. in the vertical menu on the left - now click on the menu item Bestsellers (BSRs)

(See screenshot below):


Now the respective chart for the Bestsellers (BSRs) of this ASIN (product) is displayed accordingly.

Both the date configuration and the display (day / week / month / quarter or year) can be adjusted accordingly.

(See screenshot below):


Finally, the data table under this function point offers further filters and evaluation options!


If you want to learn how to add this and other charts to your Shield Dashboard, just click on the following link: How can I add a chart (widget) to my dashboard?


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