[Shield 1] How can I link my Seller Central (Seller Account) with Shield?

If you want to link your Seller Account to Shield via the MWS API, it works simply as follows:

1. click on the menu item Inventory > Settings.

(See screenshot below):


2. now the option "Link account" is offered in the upper left corner.

(See screenshot below):


3. here you will be guided step by step until you reach the point of authorization.

Here you will be taken to your Seller Central, where you have to log in and in the next step you will be transferred back to Shield, where you have to fill in the following fields and now authorize.

(See screenshot below):


Now it can take a little while (max. 2-3 hours), until we have "fetched" the data from the respective seller, about the corresponding MWS!

Under Inventory > Settings, you can also check and filter the seller accounts linked to Shield.

You can find more information about this topic under the following link: https://www.amalyze.com/en/link-mws/


Additional keywords: Inventory, Seller Central, connect, link, inventory, MVA, Seller account. 


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