[Shield 1] How to add ASINs to the ASIN Reverse lookup in Shield by using the ASIN filter in the ASIN reverse lookup?


In Shield you have the possibility to add ASINs, which you want to view in the ASIN Reverse lookup by using the ASIN Filter in the ASIN reverse lookup. In this article you will find the instructions how to do it.


1. In Shield click on Essentials > ASIN Reverse lookup

(See screenshot below):


2. Open the ASINs filter by clicking on it

(See screenshot below):


3. Now another small window will appear and you have to enter an ASIN. As soon as you have entered an ASIN, a drop-down menu opens and you have to click on the ASIN in that drop-down menu

(See screenshot below):


4. As soon as you click on the ASIN in the drop-down menu, you will see this ASIN framed in orange

(See screenshot below):


5. Now you can add up to 10 ASINs to this filter with this method and as soon as you click on Apply Filter you will get the results for this query. In the following example I have 5 ASINs in the filter and have applied the filter

(See screenshot below):


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