[Shield 1] What different types of filters are available?

In Shield you will find in every available module, generally the following three types of filters:

  1. Text filter
  2. Number filter
  3. Yes or No (True or False) - Filter

Text filter 

Text filters can be recognized by the corresponding operators.

(See screenshot below):


Please note:

The difference between the two operators mentioned - from the text filters - is the weighting of the corresponding data output!

In other words, there is no difference in the number of results played out with regard to the two operators you mentioned, but there is a difference in the relevance score sorting itself.  


Number filter

Number filters are also, among other things recognizable by the operators (mathematical comparison signs).


Please note:

=     means  equals
>    means   bigger than 
>=  means   greater than or equals
!=   means   does not equal
<    means   smaller than
<=  means  smaller or equals


True or False Filter:

The yes or no filters (true or false), are also recognizable by their operators.

1. Prime = True (Yes).

(See screenshot below):


2. Prime = False (No).

(See screenshot below):



Additional keywords: filters, types, which, different, which are there, which filter types.


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