[Shield 1] How can I link my Advertising API to Shield?


In this article you will get a step-by-step guide on how to link your Advertising API to Shield.


1. Click on the menu item Advertising > Accounts

(See screenshot below):


2. Now the option Link account is offered in the upper left corner

(See screenshot below):


3. Now a small window opens and as soon as you click on Authorize, you will be redirected to the following page

(See screenshot below):


4. Please log in to your Seller or Vendor Account here once and follow the next steps. Afterwards you will be sent back to Shield. If the connection has worked properly, then you should find an entry in the result list in Shield under Advertising > Accounts

We will then pull the campaign data and this will be available to you retroactively for the last 60 days.

Further information regarding this topic can be found under the following link: https://www.amalyze.com/en/spa-statistics/ 

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