[Shield 1] How do I create a dynamic portfolio in Shield?


In this post I am going show you how you can create a dynamic portfolio in Shield.

Let me explain again:

Dynamic portfolios do not refer to pre-defined ASINs, but to ASINs that have certain criteria. All filters of the product research can be used as criteria.


1. First of all you have to make a certain query with the filters in the product research. In my example, I searched for products that belong to the brand "Pampers", are listed in the category "Baby" and are offered in the price range of 10 - 50 Euro

(See screenshot below):


2. You can now use the first checkbox to select all ASINs on the first page

(See screenshot below):


3. In the ActionBar you get the possibility to select all ASINs of the result table and you have to click on it

(See screenshot below):


4. After having selected all ASINs, click on Portfolio in the ActionBar and then click on new portfolio

(See screenshot below):


5. A window will then open in which you can give the new portfolio a name. Among other things you can also set who should be the recipient of the daily e-mail and you can see that it is a dynamic portfolio

(See screenshot below):


6. Now just click on save and the portfolio is created

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