[Shield 1] How do you create a static portfolio for a results page in Shield?


This article is about how to create a static portfolio for a results page in Shield.

Let me explain again:

Static portfolios refer to a pre-defined and unchanging set of ASINs. All these ASINs are considered in the evaluation of the portfolio, but the set of these ASINs remains identical.


1. In order to do the above mentioned task, you have to select the first checkbox in the results table of the product search in Shield, so that the ASINs of the first search page are marked (varies according to how you have set your page size) 

(See screenshot below):


2. Then you have to click on portfolio, in the ActionBar, and then on the create portfolio

(See screenshot below):


3. Now a window opens in which you can a name and you can also set which user should receive the daily mail. In the window you can also see that it is a static portfolio

(See screenshot below):


4. Now just click on save and the new static portfolio is created

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