[Shield 1] How can I reactivate a paused portfolio?


In this article we show you how to reactivate a paused portfolio.


1. First you filter the paused portfolios in the menu item Portfolios with the filter status

(See screenshot below):


2. Select the value paused in the drop-down menu of the filter and then apply this filter

(See screenshot below):


3. Next to the portfolio to be activated, you will find the symbol of three points. Here you have to click on it once and select activate

(See screenshot below):


4. Now the portfolio is activated again and it will be updated daily


In the meantime, while the portfolio was paused, no data was updated. So if you paused a portfolio for 10 days, then no data is updated for those 10 days. Only when you reactivate it, the data is updated again. So it is possible that a "gap" in the charts occurs when a portfolio is paused and reactivated because it was paused for several days. 

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