[Shield 1] How can I create specific notifications for products (ASINs)?

If you want to create notifications for products (ASINs) in Shield (version: 0.4.1), it works like this:


1. in the product research, a click on the three dots symbol opens a drop-down menu, now a click on Notifications > + Add is sufficient.

(See screenshot below):


2. the AMALYZE user to be notified can now be selected:

(See screenshot below):


3. in the third step the notification type can be selected e.g. content etc.

(See screenshot below):


4. click in the empty box of the specification concerned, so that a check mark is set and just click on Save (button - bottom right).

(See screenshot below):


5. you should now receive feedback from Shield that the notifications were created successfully!


Option 2:

1: The creation of notifications for several products (ASINs) in Shield is possible!

Simply select the affected products (ASINs) using the checkboxes.

(See screenshot below):



2. at the top of the ActionBar you will now find the function Notifications > + Add

(See screenshot below):


You can find more information about notifications in Shield here:


Additional keywords: notifications, create, individual, products, ASINs.


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