[Shield 1] What does "ASINs without visibility" mean?


In this article we explain what "ASINs without visibility" means and which ASINs are affected.


When we talk about ASINs without visibility in Shield, we mean those ASINs that do not rank for any keyword we query in Shield. This can have several reasons why this is the case:

  • The ASIN no longer exists.
  • The ASIN was hidden by Amazon
  • The ASIN ranks by keywords, but not by one of the keywords we have queried
  • The ASIN was not optimized properly

For example, in the analytics and portfolios in Shield under ASINs > invisibles you will find an overview of all ASINs within a portfolio or an analytics, that do not rank for any of the keywords we have queried. This can be recognized by the grayed out number of keywords filter.

(See screenshot below):


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