[Shield 1] Why do I find less or no ASINs in the result page "Invisibles" if I look into my "Portfolios"?


In a portfolio you will find some pie charts in the overview. In one of them you will get the information about how many ASINs they are in the portfolio and how many of them are visible.

(See screenshot below):


It is obvious that you can also see how many ASINs (in my example 47) are invisibles. If you want to know what invisible ASINs are then you will find some information by using the following link: What does "Invisibles" mean and which kind of ASINs are invisible?

In my example we already know that 47 ASINs are invisible. In that case I should find all of these 47 ASINs in the chart, if I click on ASINs > Invisibles. But in the second screenshot you will see, that there are only 38 results instead of the 47 like we thought we would see. But how can this be?

(See screenshot below):



In the results under ASINs > Invisibles you will find the results at the current time you do the query. In the overview you will see the information from the last time we updated the portfolio.

This means, that the 9 ASINs from the 47 were invisible, when we updated the  portfolio. But I did not look at the results under ASINs > Invisibles right after we updated the portfolio and that is why I do not see the 9 ASINs in den results. At the moment I did the query under ASINs > Invisibles, the 9 ASINs were visible again.

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